School Reopening Surveys


Throughout the planning process, we rely on parent and student feedback to help tailor our plans and ensure we're able to address all concerns and questions.  Below are the current surveys available to take to help us do so.

Student Learning Choice Survey
Our schools are in the process of mapping out schedules while continuing to plan for the return to school in the Fall. Your feedback, suggestions, and support during our forums and through constant communications have helped us greatly in this effort.  We are now asking families to choose the learning option they would like their student to take part in. This choice between distance or in-person learning will determine how your child will start school in the fall. While we don’t yet know whether we will be full in person, partially in person, or distance-learning, your input helps us plan for every scenario.

This start-of-year option choice will not prevent you from changing your needs as the school year progresses as we know state guidance, health situations, and comfort levels are continually changing.  Though we sent out a similar survey earlier this summer, we ask you to confirm your preference with this survey as we know situations can change over time.  Our administration will continue to communicate updates and school-specific information as soon as it becomes available.

Please complete this form no later than August 7th.
*If you have multiple students in the district, please fill out a survey for each student.

Student Learning Preference Survey

Lessons Learned Surveys
As we look to the 20-21 School Year, we want to reflect back on our experience this spring in Distance Learning so that we can better prepare for the scheduled distance learning days as well as the possibility of a return to a full distance learning structure. We need your input and feedback to design virtual learning that can better support our students and families. Teachers have been asked for their input and feedback as well. Now that you have hopefully had some time to breathe since the completion of the school year, we invite you to fill out the following form(s) as they apply to you: