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In compliance with Rhode Island General Law, the Narragansett School Committee shall approve home schooling only when it complies with designated requirements. Home schooling shall be approved when it complies with all of the following requirements:

  1. The period of instruction in the home instruction is substantially equal to that required by law in the public schools.
  2. An attendance register must be kept, made available upon request to the Superintendent or designee, and returned to the Superintendent at the end of the home schooling instructional year.
  3. Reading, writing, geography, arithmetic, the history of the United States, the history of Rhode Island, the principles of American government, and health and physical education shall be taught in the English language substantially to the same extent as such subjects are required to be taught in the public schools; and that the teaching of the English language and of other subjects indicated herein shall be thorough and efficient.
  4. The Superintendent shall require an annual evaluation of the home instruction program to measure student academic progress. The evaluation measures may include a report card, written evaluations, dated work samples, or similar evaluative tools. Annual testing or standardized testing, while not required by Rhode Island General Law, may be used as a type of evaluation. If testing is a parental choice, the school will make every effort to make arrangements accordingly to meet the parents'/guardians' request, so that standardized testing may occur.

Home Schooling Request Procedure:

Parents/Guardians choosing to educate their child/children at home must request approval from the Narragansett School Committee each year. The following procedure will be followed:

  1. Notify the Superintendent of Schools in writing by completing the Home Schooling Request, Compliance Agreement, and Approval Form (request from the District Office or download/print from the Narragansett School District website).
  2. Submit the completed form to the Office of the Superintendent as far in advance of the start of the school year as possible.
  3. Submit proposed home schooling program to the Office of the Superintendent for review of curriculum content and appropriateness.
  4. Upon completion of the review process, the Superintendent will recommend approval, approval with modification, or non-approval of the home schooling request to the School Committee.
  5. The Superintendent will notify the parents/guardians of the decision of the School Committee.
  6. By approving the request to Home School, the School Committee in effect determines that the parents/guardians are in compliance with the terms and conditions heretofore enumerated and that they may provide home instruction for their child.
  7. Any person resident aggrieved by the action of the School Committee either in approving or refusing to approve home instruction may appeal to the Commissioner of the Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Guidelines for the Participation of Home School Students in Public School

Home schooled students' participation in Narragansett Public School specific academic programs, enrollment in specific courses, extracurricular and/or interscholastic activities, formal testing programs, and use of the school facilities is subject to the approval of the School Committee. Participation is contingent upon the understanding that approval will be guided by the following considerations:

  1. Space remains available within the set student participation level of the program, class, etc.
  2. New enrollments in the school district shall have preference;
  3. The parents/guardians provide transportation to and from an approved activity;
  4. Students shall follow all rules and meet the same requirements as established for regular students, including health and other expectations;
  5. Participation requires no extenuating direct cost to the district;
  6. Students wishing to participate in extracurricular activities must meet all eligibility requirements of the Rhode Island Athletic Interscholastic League (RIAIL) and all stipulations as stated in 1-5 above. RIAIL requirements will be made available upon request.

1st Reading: July 10, 1985

Adopted: August 21, 1985

Revised: September 19, 1990

Revised: June 16, 2004


1st Reading: September 20, 2006         Narragansett School System

2ndReading: November 15, 2006         Narragansett, Rhode Island

Narragansett School System

Home Schooling

Request, Compliance Agreement, & Approval Form

To be completed by Parents/Guardians:

Parent/Guardian Name(s): __________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________

Child's Name: __________________________________________

Date of Birth: __________________________________________ Grade Level: ___________________

Home Schooling Start Date: __________________________________________

We attest that:

  • All mandated curriculum as described in Rhode Island Public Law 16-29-2 will be included in the home schooling program;
  • That the period of attendance of pupils in home instruction is substantially equal to that required by law in public schools; and,
  • Instructional attendance records, as required by Rhode Island Public Law, will be kept and returned to the Superintendent.
Parent/Guardian Signature   Date

To be completed by Superintendent:

I have reviewed the intent of the above parents/guardians and am forwarding it to the School Committee for approval.



Superintendent of Schools   Date

School Committee Action

  Approved with Conditions:  

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