Preschool FAQs

Mariners Integrated Preschool FAQs

Many potential parents and guardians may have additional questions about our preschool program.  We hope these FAQ's below help provide more insight to what we offer.  If you have any questions that are not answered below, please reach out to Leslie Brow, Director of Student Services ‚Äčat


Will transportation be available for my child?

  • Transportation will be provided for full day students

I currently have an IEP student enrolled.  Will this affect his/her enrollment at all?

  • All IEP student(s) will continue to participate at no cost

My child does not currently meet the age requirement of 3 years old.  Can I still apply?

  • As long as your child is 3 years old on or before September 4, 2018, you will be eligible for Preschool for the current year and should apply. 

Does my child have to participate in a full day?

  • Both a half day or part-time option will still be available.  Within the application, families can outline their preference of the amount of days they would like to participate.

Are there options for financial aid?

  • Financial supports are available and individual requests can be made to Leslie Brow, Director of Student Services.

My child is currently in the program do I have to re-apply?

  • Yes.  Our school system will require you to re-submit an application with the option you would like to continue with- full day or half day- for the 2018-2019 school year.

Can I pay my application fee and/or tuition by credit card or cash?

  • No.  At this time we request all payments by check.

What if I am unable to print the application I filled out?

  • You will always have the option of visiting the Narragansett Elementary School main office to fill out an application and submit in person.